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*Description:* TapirLink is a generic TAPIR provider software based on the [[DigirProvider][PHP DiGIR provider]] (note: TapirLink is only compatible with TAPIR, not DiGIR). It uses the PHP ADOdb library to access different types of relational databases. A single instance of TapirLink can provide access to multiple TAPIR resources, each one with its own service address. TapirLink allows each resource to map one or more data abstraction layers. Search responses can be returned in many different formats, although only tabular (denormalized) data can be served.
*Documentation:* TapirLinkManual
*Subversion repository:*
*Language:* PHP (compatible with PHP4 and PHP5).
*Developers:* RenatoDeGiovanni, DaveVieglais, CraigWieczorek, KevinRichards, RogerHyam
* All TAPIR operations (metadata, capabilities, inventory, search and ping).
* KVP and XML request encodings.
* Inventories on any mapped concepts.
* Searches with any output models involving concepts from mapped schemas.
* Response structures with basicSchemaLanguage.
* Log only requests.
* Complete filter parsing. "Equals" and "like" can be case sensitive or not.
* Control over maximum element repetitions and maximum element levels.
* Multiple resources can be exposed from a single TapirLink instance.
* Each resource can map one or more data abstraction layers.
* User-friendly web configuration interface including a UDDI registration form and the possibility to import DiGIR configuration.
* A simple client (tapir_client.php) for testing.
* Embedded LSID resolver.
* Possibility to set up XSLT skins to display XML responses in a user-friendly way.
* Automatic updates.
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