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<!-- page was renamed from DesirableSoftware
This page lists all software related to TAPIR. You may also want to check other SoftwareRelatedToPreviousProtocols.
---+++ Existing software
* Server software
* PyWrapper
* TapirLink
* TapirDotNET
* [[][GBIF Integrated Publishing Toolkit]]
* Client software
* TapirChirp (PHP)
* TapirJChirp (Java)
* Others
* Conformance tests: TapirTester
* TAPIR document builder: TapirBuilder
---+++ Ideas
* Java TAPIR provider
* TapirJava (discussion)
* Client library improvements
* thread safe, work with streams
* distributed requests, pooling results
* Portal, user interface (MVC)
* "_proxy_" service to _cache_ low performance/bandwith providers
* WSDL TAPIR web service generator based on KVP requests
* Provider tools
* cache builder. Transformation _functions_.
* configuration (mapping) tool
* Software for regression tests
* ProviderServiceTests: test providers with set of fixed requests & known responses
* ClientLibraryTests : test client library with canned provider, distributed requests, operations, ...