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---+ Wiki for the TAPIR Protocol
This Wiki was created for discussing and documenting the TAPIR protocol.
If you want to subscribe to news from this Wiki, take a look at the [[WebRss][RSS Feed]] or WebNotify.
---+++ Main links
* [[ TAPIR official website]]
* [[][Latest XML Schema]]
* [[][Latest specification]]
* ExampleTapirMessages
* TapirSoftware
* RoadMap
* FrequentlyAskedQuestions
* TapirMailingList
* TapirHistory
---+++ Other links
* TapirRdf - using TAPIR providers to serve valid RDF
* MappingConceptualSchemas - a suggested approach to relate concepts from different schemas
* Ideas about PossibleChanges in the protocol
---+++ Wiki links
* GlossaryOfTerms
* [[WebChanges][Recent Changes]]: see where people are currently working.
* [[Sandbox.WebHome][Sandbox]]: feel free to change this page and experiment with editing
* WebSearchAdvanced: search or browse Wiki contents in various ways
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