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---+!! Welcome to the %WEB% wiki
Welcome to the home of %WEB%. This web-based collaboration area (wiki) is used for discussions of the %WEB% Interest Group of the [[][Taxonomic Databases Working Group (TDWG)]].
The [[][Taxonomic Concepts and Names Subgroup]] page on the TDWG site.
The [[][TNC mailing list]] web page.
The [[][Charter]] for the TNC interest group on the TDWG site.
The [[][Current Version]] of the TCS standard on the TDWG site.
An [[][archive of early developments and discussions of TCS]]
* New TNC task group being set up - TCS Usability. Please see below and get involved if it's relevant to you.
* Development work on the TCS has been temporarily diverted to work on the [[][TDWGOntology]] where we are using the TCS as a basis for defining a modular ontology for TDWG in collaboration with members of the [[][ABCD]], [[][SDD]] and [[][Darwin Core]] subgroups of TDWG.
* As a result of the Ontology work TCS will be available in RDF format and OWL format.
---+Discussion Items
---+TNC Task Groups
---+TNC Contacts:
For more information, please contact:
* Jessie Kennedy (j.kennedy-at-napier-dot-ac-dot-uk), Subgroup Convener, or
* Robert Kukla (r.kukla-at-napier-dot-ac-dot-uk), Subgroup member, or
* Roger Hyam (roger-at-tdwg-dot-org), Subgroup member and System Administrator, or
* Ricardo Pereira (ricardo-at-tdwg-dot-org), System Administrator
If you are new to wikis, learn how to use it in Main.ThreeEasySteps. This wiki is open to anyone interested in the topic, but you must be a registered user to edit pages and add content. Register at the TWiki.TWikiRegistration page.
* [[%ATTACHURL%/example_v101.xml][example_v101.xml]]: Example dataset converted from v089 to v101
%META:FILEATTACHMENT{name="example_v101.xml" attr="" autoattached="1" comment="Example dataset converted from v0952 to v101" date="1166036379" path="example_v101.xml" size="18685" user="Main.DaveVieglais" version="2"}%