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New startups

To get onto the Distiller website you need a logo, a greyscale logo, a banner image, and a blurb. If you're opening a pull request then follow this pattern, otherwise send a Distiller admin the files and they can do it for you. File specs are:

source/images/startups/<your_startup_name>/banner.jpg # 507 × 316 px banner image
source/images/startups/<your_startup_name>/logo.png # 150 x 150 px logo
source/images/startups/<your_startup_name>/logo-grey.png # 150 x 150 px greyscale logo

A good example for your startup blurb file is

Old startups

When a startup leaves The Distiller, delete their image folder, and their markdown blurb, and put their name in the old_startups array in config.rb. This will put them into the Alumni section of the website.

Developer setup

Details for developers:


To setup,

  • Install RVM from
  • Run bundle install to install the gems


To run a development server, run



To publish to GitHub pages, run

rake publish

To check the build files first, run

rake build 

The Distiller page can also be reached from or