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Welcome to { brain.bites }

Disclaimer: { brain.bites } is the capstone project of my developer bootcamp. It's not "the next big thing" but my little playground to experiment and learn how to build a hybrid app from scratch.


You want to learn something new - a new coding framework, knitting, or the history and science of classical music. But where to start? The good news: More and more e-learning offerings are popping up everywhere - tutorials, courses, online-bootcamps. Learning online has never been as popular as today. The bad news: The focus of these courses is usually rather tech-driven, in most cases limited to an advanced-beginner level and they usually don’t come for free.

But what if you are already beyond the average code school course? Or you want to learn more about this very specific topic that Coursera just doesn’t cover? And even if you find something on Udemy, that fits your needs … you still have to pay for it and live with the choice of focus and content the person offering the course made for you.

Thanks to the internet there are millions of resources, texts, videos and other bits and pieces to almost every imaginable topic available - most of them for free. What if there was an easy way for you to collect these pieces of information and plug them together into your own custom course?


{ brain.bites } is a (hybrid) web app that helps you collect (free) online learning resources and create a custom course about the topic you care about: Just create a new course and add content you found on the internet that adds to your topic and that you want to work through. You can then get your content in order, add some approximated time to it and … start learning. { brain.bites } will track your progress, show you what’s next on your list and help you stay on on track. And if you created a really cool course for yourself, share it and make it available to others on { brain.bites }!


{ brain.bites } should be available as a web app and hybrid mobile app. The first MVP includes the following epics:

  • User: I want to create a profile to create and store my courses
  • User: I want to be able to access { brain.bites } from my web browser and through an Android app
  • User: I want to create a course with a collection of online content
  • User: I want to interact with the content of my course
  • User: I want to explore courses of other users and share my own.