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Marianne Theme for WordPress

⚠️ This theme is no longer maintained ⚠️


Are you looking for a simple theme to highlight your writings? Marianne is a rare minimalistic theme in an ocean of maximalism. It gives a touch of old school blogging to your site, refreshed, with customization options that make it flexible. If you believe that less graphism complexity means less distraction and more readability, this theme is made for you. Whether you are a simple blogger, a writer, a journalist or an intellectual, Marianne will delight you… and your readers.

Demo | Download from | Download from GitHub


The design of Marianne is sober and modern, without frills. The small width of its pages and the absence of visual pollution (excess of colors and icons) facilitate the reading and emphasize the essential, your contents, for the greatest pleasure of your readers.

Marianne uses the system fonts. In concrete terms, it does not load new files to display your texts and thus gains in speed. In addition, the use of such fonts brings an appreciable graphic continuity to your digital ecosystem.

This is a customizable theme. You can add a logo, switch from a light to a dark color scheme, change the font, add links to your social accounts and more… It’s up to you!

Finally, Marianne theme adapts to all formats. It keeps its characteristics on tablet and mobile, and it has been designed to give a good print results.

Install Marianne

The Marianne theme can be downloaded from any WordPress installation from the official WordPress theme directory.

To install it:

  • Log in to the administration interface of your site.
  • Click on Appearance > Themes > Add New.
  • In the search field, type Marianne.
  • Once the theme is displayed, click on Install.
  • When the installation is complete, click on Activate.

You can also download the latest version of Marianne from GitHub by following this link.


You can contribute to this project directly on GitHub by reporting issues or suggesting improvements. As I'm a very amateur developer, there is probably a lot to do.

New translations are welcome. A .pot file is at your disposal so you can start translating.


Donate Bitcoin: 1BTUsDokaDRsqn4dsyAY6bc2rCLes4Vssb

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A minimalist theme ideal for writers, journalists and all bloggers who want to share their texts.








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