A hexo plugin that generates a list of links to related posts and popular posts. Also , this plugin can get Visitor Counts (PV) on posts.
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A hexo plugin that generates a list of links to related posts or popular posts.

DEMO | Wiki | Documents | Releases(Update)



This plugin supports Hexo v3.2 or later. If you want you install old version , please npm install hexo-related-popular-posts@2.0.6



$ npm install hexo-related-popular-posts --save

If you occur ERROR Plugin load failed: error or DTraceProviderBindings.node error , please see below.

Simply Usage

1. Edit your theme

First, add the following popular_posts( {} , post ) helper tag in template file for article. For example , if you use hexo-theme-landscape , add a tag here.

    popular_posts( {} , post )

Variable name post is different depending on theme. Helper tag can set more option and customize the design . For detail , please see the wiki.

Also , if you occur Cannot read property 'tags' of undefined error , please refer to the follow as.

2. Add tags in markdown

If tags are included in the article, related articles can be displayed as a list. For example, add a tag like the following markdown file.

title: Hello World
  - program
  - diary
  - web
Welcome to [Hexo](https://hexo.io/)! This is a sample article. Let's add some tags as above.

The larger the number of matching tags, the more relevant articles are displayed as candidates. Otherside , advanced related posts and popular posts can be displayed. Please see the wiki .

3. Run server

Starts a local server. By default, this is at http://localhost:4000/.

$ hexo clean
$ hexo server

Thank you for introduction.

Thank you for a wonderful plugin.