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Angular 2 Style Guide

How to start

Note that this seed project requires node v4.x.x or higher and npm 2.14.7.

In order to start the dashboard use:

# install the project's dependencies
npm install
# install the angular-cli for tasks
npm install -g angular-cli@latest
# watches your files and uses livereload by default
npm start
#navigate to localhost:4444 
# npm run build and serve with http-server
npm install -g http-server
npm run build
# prod build
# prod build to host the application in IIS
npm run build.iis
#ng build --prod -bh /corporate/

Project Milestones And Udacity Rubrick

  • App includes all requirements, including header, menu, and all dashboard views.
    • A geospatial view, identifying the number of employees at various company locations.
    • A “key metrics” view, containing components displaying: the number of open issues, a line chart reflecting number of paying customers over a period of time, and a bar chart reflecting number of reported issues over a period of time.
    • A “data view” of all issues, with an appearance similar to a spreadsheet, that is sortable and filterable. - [x] An issue should contain the following fields:
      • submission timestamp
      • customer name
      • customer email address
      • description
      • open/closed status
      • closed timestamp
      • employee name
  • Responsiveness - App is equally functional on mobile and desktop, using responsive design to ensure its displayed in a useable state.
  • Component Design: Application makes use of a Front-End Framework (e.g. Backbone, Angular, Ember, et cetera) and properly separates data from the user interface.
  • Data Formats: Each dashboard uses external data files (data not stored directly within the application). At least one file must be a comma-separated value (.csv) and at least one must be .json.
  • Near Real-Time Updates: Dashboard components must query the datafiles regularly, or receive “push” updates, and update their displays in “near” real-time without requiring a refresh of the application.
  • App Delivery: Build Process - App includes a build process (such as Grunt or Gulp). Assets are minimized and concatenated as appropriate.


Corporate Dashboard for Udacity



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