An Angular app for reviewing restaurants
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This project is generated with yo angular generator version 0.15.1.

Images from

Simple api I built for this project can be found here

Build & development

Run grunt serve for localhost. grunt serve:dist for 'building' and hosting of local dist folder.


Running grunt test will run the unit tests with karma. - Tests not properly implemented yet

Special Thanks

Felix Rilling - Designed the layout and CSS, check out his lightweight module manager chevron.js

Project Milestones And Udacity Rubrick

  • App includes all requirements, including restaurant information, customer reviews and a new review form.
    • Restaurant information (including name, a photograph, address, cuisine type and operating hours).
    • Review information for each restaurant (name of reviewer, date of review, 5-star rating and comments).
    • A menu providing multiple ways to filter the restaurants (by cuisine, by location, etc).
  • Responsiveness - App is equally functional on mobile and desktop, using responsive design to ensure its displayed in a useable state.
  • Accessibility: Images - All content-related images include appropriate alternate text.
  • Accessibility: Focus - Focus is appropriately managed allowing users to noticeably tab through each of the important elements of the page. Modal or interstitial windows appropriately lock focus.
  • Accessibility: Elements - Elements on the page use the appropriate semantic elements. For those elements in which a semantic element is not available, appropriate ARIA roles are defined.
  • Accessibility: Design - Color selections and contrast are made with accessibility in mind.
  • App Delivery: Build Process - App includes a build process (such as Grunt or Gulp). Assets are minimized and concatenated as appropriate.


  • Convert to typescript components in the angular 1.5.7 library