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Typography work and typefaces designed by Terrence Curran.

Most of the work contained within this repo consists of fonts I deslgned and distributed on between 1997 and 2000.

All of my work back then was done on a Mac Quadra 700 or Performa 1200. I have all of the technology I used back then including the software and even sketches on paper but the files are spread out on dozens of 3.5 inch floppies or zip disks.

I have begun to undertake the task of attempting to properly archive and organize this work. As I do so I am cleaning up and improving a lot of the fonts and releasing them her under the SIL Open Source Font license.

I have chosen to convert all files to FontForge format for the following reasons:

  • I want to make sure that they are archived and can be edited by anyone for free, now and into the future.
  • FontForge .sfd file format is consice and text based. It is easy to diff or parse by means other than FontForge.
  • FontForge seems to behave most similar to Fontographer of all of the programs I have tried using. I'm getting old and have less patience for learning new tricks. :)

I considered only saving the files into UFO font format which looks nice and is open but it seems a little harder to keep track of the individual files. I will be outputting the font files to UFO and saving them here from time to time. Perhaps in the future I can automate this with some sort of continuous integration.


Typography work and typefaces designed by Terrence Curran




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