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Practicing using Redux with a simple app w/ React, Redux, and Firebase
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This project is a simple CRUD application for project planning.

The intent was to become familiar with using Redux for React state management, and using Firebase's new Cloud DB storage.

  • React.JS for components
  • Redux for state management
  • Firestore Cloud database storage in sync with Firebase.
  • Materialize for design


  • firebase 5.5.3
  • react 16.5.2
  • react-dom 16.5.2
  • react-redux5.0.7
  • react-redux-firebase 2.1.8
  • react-router-dom 4.3.1
  • react-scripts 1.1.5
  • redux 4.0.0
  • redux-firestore 0.5.8
  • redux-thunk" 2.3.0

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