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User can input a word and or sentence and the app will translate what the user sends into a giphy sentence. This app highlights API calls.
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Talk Giphy to Me!

"Good golly it's giphy!"

App Components:

  1. Giphy Translate: A user an enter a word or phrase into a field and get a lit of gifs related to each word entered in the field. The user can favorite individual gifs, rate gifs (1-4 star rating), and regenerate gifs from the entered phrase.
  2. Hierogifs: The user can see a random gif (generated from a search using a random word) when they hit the start/generate button. The user can enter a guess into the 'guess' form field. If they guess wrong, they receive a second gif related to the random word. If they guess wrong again, they receive a thrid gif. If they guess wrong a final time, they receive a lose message. If they guess correctly, they receive a win message. They can save gifs to their favorite gifs list.
  3. Fave Gifs: The user can: see a list of all their favorite gifs, see a lit of their best/top-rated gifs, see the word associated with a specific favorite gif, share a specific gif to social media, see other users' favorite gifs, see a list of other users' favorite gifs by phrase, see the top 10 gifs of all users' gifs.

###Stretch Goals:

  1. Giphy Chat: Using Firebase Messaging, the user can write a message to another logged in user and have their message be displayed to that user as a list of gifs (see 1).
  2. The user can choose to search or display Giphy gifs or stickers.
  3. App-wide use of CSS transition effects/animations.

##Webfonts Licensing Info:

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  • The fonts listed in this notice are subject to the End User License
  • Agreement(s) entered into by the website owner. All other parties are
  • explicitly restricted from using the Licensed Webfonts(s).
  • You may obtain a valid license at the URLs below.
  • Webfont: Loew-Heavy by The Northern Block Ltd
  • URL:
  • Copyright: Copyright © 2014 by Jonathan Hill. All rights reserved.
  • Licensed pageviews: Unlimited
  • License:
  • © 2019 MyFonts Inc
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