A Command-Line-Interface Ai chatbot space game. Built with Node.js and MongoDB with Mongoose. This was a mid-term project for Alchemy Code Lab 401.
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A CLI chatbot space survival game.

halchemy screen capture


You have been awakened from cryogenic sleep on a spaceship headed for Earth. The ship's semi-autonomous, intelligent computer system, HAL, needs your decision-making skills to guide the ship safely back to Earth before it's too late.

Your mission is to work with HAL to get back to Earth on time. HAL will interact with you, answer your questions, and follow your orders. You approach a nearby terminal. Follow the instructions below to boot up HAL and begin your mission!

Find our homepage at https://halchemy.herokuapp.com/


  1. Clone or download this repo.
  2. Install dependencies with:
npm i
  1. Play the game by typing:
npm run play

Development Notes

HALchemy was written in Javascript with Node.js and using a MongoDB database with Mongoose. Tests are handled by Mocha using the Chai assertion library.

Project can be deployed to run locally, or as configured to run on a Heroku server. We are using various NPM packages including Inquirer.

Check out our Package.json file for other dependencies. Team Dart is using Wit.ai for Natural Language Processing.

Credits and Links

HALchemy was created by Team Dart, during the Summer 2018 Full-Stack Javascript Career Track program at Alchemy Code Lab in Portland.

Team Dart is (in alphabetical order) Arthur Jen, Mark Myers and Sarah Rehmer.
Fork this project on Github at this link.

The parallax star background on the index page is from a Codepen by Saransh Sinha.