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@tchebb tchebb released this Jul 7, 2014 · 20 commits to master since this release

This is primarily a cleanup and bugfix release. The changes include

  • A fix for a bug which failed to remove temporary files on power loss and caused the FlashCast USB drive to run out of space
  • Updated target architecture settings which allow the Chromecast's floating-point hardware to be used more effectively
  • An updated Buildroot base which includes, among other things, a fix for the OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability
  • Updated splash screen text that reflects the LED changes made in the last release
  • A fix for a bug which incorrectly interpreted nonzero return values other than 1 as success when flashing multiple mods
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@tchebb tchebb released this Apr 9, 2014 · 28 commits to master since this release

After several months, a new FlashCast release is ready. Version 1.2 includes many enhancements and bug fixes and is recommended for all users. Among the changes are

  • A fix for an issue which caused root to be lost in rare cases when power was lost during a Eureka-ROM flash in recovery mode
  • A change to make the LED blink white during the flashing process (changed from solid white)
  • Correct timestamping of log files when an internet connection is available
  • Support for using the USB drive as temporary storage, allowing for much larger local squashfs images to be edited
  • Improved Wi-Fi configuration parsing logic, which will improve compatibility with future OS releases
  • Support for running helper functions directly from an interactive shell
  • Improved error handling in helper functions
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@tchebb tchebb released this Nov 30, 2013 · 48 commits to master since this release

This release fixes a Wi-Fi configuration bug and adds a few minor enhancements:

  • Log files have been moved from flashcast-logs to a numbered directory inside flashcast-data in preparation for upcoming backup functionality.
  • Wi-Fi AP creation now functions correctly in the case where a client connection was established but no DHCP lease could be obtained.
  • The sed utility is now GNU's implementation rather than BusyBox's. This allows for embedded hexadecimal escape sequences for simple binary patching.
  • Large temporary files can now be created by passing -l as the first argument to a new mktemp wrapper. See the documentation for more information.
  • has_mod_option will no longer generate a (harmless) error in the log file when an options file is not passed to the mod.
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@tchebb tchebb released this Nov 7, 2013 · 56 commits to master since this release

FlashCast version 1.1 brings several new enhancements and fixes, including

  • A new kernel based on the latest 3.8 source from Google
  • Support for flashing multiple mods in one run using the flashcast-mods directory
  • Better error handling in helper functions
  • A fix for a race condition which caused flashing to fail on some flash drives and SD cards
  • Support for running as a recovery image
  • Support for passing mods an options file at runtime
  • A new location for log files: flashcast-logs
  • Support for modifying and flashing local squashfs images
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@tchebb tchebb released this Sep 21, 2013 · 92 commits to master since this release

The first release of FlashCast, a standardized way to mod the Google Chromecast.

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