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An online presentation tool for presenting your ideas quickly and with style!
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An online presentation tool for presenting your ideas quickly and with style!

Based on faded-presenter

What is it?

Born out of an idea and improved over time, Slide Gazer is the successor of faded-presenter. It's an online tool that can be used to present slide-shows created with plain-text markdown documents.


  • Use any text editor to create slide-show presentations and do it quickly by focussing only on content and not formatting
  • Present from any device capable of running a decent web-browser
  • Present markdown documents from almost anywhere on the web, including GitHub README files as presentations
  • Choose from a range of slide-transition animations
  • Have auto-transition of slides with an adjustable delay
  • Bring attention of your audience to a few emphasized words on a slide
  • Control the presentation from another device and have a bird's eye view of the presentation at the same time
  • Add speaker notes to be able to refer to some text while presenting

How to use

Open the URL in a web-browser. Google Chrome is the recommended web-browser, a few features may not work in other browsers as making this tool cross-browser was not the focus during its development.

On the home screen, you can choose to present a slide-show presentation or control one that is already running.

Presenting a slide-show

You can select a presentation to be presented in one of the following three ways:

  1. Drop a markdown document on the page
  2. Pick a markdown document from the system
  3. Load a markdown document from a URL (experimental)
  4. Reload a previously presented slide-show
  5. Load a sample presentation (if you just want to check how it works)

Once a presentation is started, navigate through the slides using the right and left arrow keys on the keyboard. Use the up and down arrow keys to focus a few emphasized words on a slide and restore view back to normal respectively.

Use the Preferences button on the top-right corner to reveal more options like animations and slide auto-transition.

There are other controls to toggle fullscreen, view an index of slides, etc.

While viewed on a mobile device with a touch-screen, a bar is displayed at the bottom edge to be able to navigate through slides by swiping.

Controlling a slide-show

While a presentation is being presented, select Control from the top-right corner of the screen to view the URL that can be used to control the presentation from another device.

You can also scan the QR code to navigate to the URL.

Once a connection to the presentation if estabilished, use the buttons on the controller to control the presentation.

Speaker notes

Creating speaker notes can be done within the same file. Just create a third level heading named Notes for a slide which is usually a second level heading (except for slide 1) and the section will be treated as speaker notes for that slide. Speaker notes, as one would expect, are not visible on the slides while presenting. They are just shown to the controller for reference while controlling the presentation. Example:

# Title

My interesting idea

## Slide one

The idea starts here

### Notes

Actually, the idea is more than what it seems

## Slide two

And it would also help with other things

### Notes

Things are: thing-one, thing-two, thing-three

## Conclusion

That's my idea, thoughts?

Installation on private server

Clone this repository with

git clone

To install dependencies within the directory, run

npm install

Build the application with

npm run build

Configure hosting information in file configs.json.

    "origin": "/",
    "domain": "",
    "web-protocol": "http",
    "web-port": "8089",
    "socket-port": "8090"

Start the application with

npm start


  • Support for less-smart web browsers
  • Import presentation files directly from organism
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