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🐳 Docker tutorial with Victor @elalemanyo 🐳

Install and get started

Why use Docker?

  • Most hosting use docker files as a option
  • Makes most sense in development
  • PHP versions very different
  • Most Hosting companies use Linux as base OS (Distribution used for live, may differ from the dev version)
  • Aim is to have development environment as close as possible to the live environment

🖊 Additional tools:

  • Kitematic - GUI tool

  • Portainer for Docker - GUI tool (better option to have more over view on requests)

  • Docker compose - Yaml/ .yml file bundle docker commands so you can run them at once and not have to do it individual. Can also use instead of JSON file for storing strings Syntax very good (High level)

⭐️ Best practices:

📝 docker-compose.yml


- from docker compose


  • Each service is its own container

  • Can have their own name (IMPORTANT!), it is how you connect to it (Ie if you have mariadb as a service you will call it in PHP as such $servername = “mariadb”)


    • set name pattern


    • Can take existing image to work fast (WARNING - these need good bandwidth to download but once you have them you can use them for many containers)


      • Local port : container port


      • Local : container : Permissions for container on machine (z - can not write - maybe)
    • To mount where you files are
    • Important for when you have data so its not lost when you close
    • Can mount config files (i.e. PHP.ini)


    • Other services it need to link to (i.e. database)


    • dependancies, will not start before the other service has mounted


    • Environment variables that container can accept to override defaults
    • .env (have with git ignore so you keep local settings)
    • .env_default (have this as default settings that stays with the repo)
    • path for environment (i.e. go PATH)


    • Docker compose expects Dockerfile that stimulates the image you want to build
    • Put path to file (in our case only “.” as its in the same folder
    • Build has more importance than Image


    • command to run application


- volumes/ services to be mounted

📝 Dockerfile

FROM php:5.6-apache
RUN docker-php-ext-install mysqli

Docker hub

  • Share a docker images in Public Repos (similar to Github)

🐳 Docker commands

If you don’t have an image and use build.

$ docker-compose build 

Then run

$ docker-compose up

or with our Daemon log

$ docker-compose up -d

Other commands:

See what containers are running on whole of docker

$ docker ps

See what services are running in the current directory

$ docker-compose ps

STATUS - when you started CREATED - when last build ran PORTS - being used both local and in the container

Stop containers

$ docker-compose down

Start/ Stop / Restart only one service

$ docker-compose <service-name> start / stop / restart

Get help

$ docker-compose —help

See all containers running

$ ctop 

GREEN are active and shows cpu use and memory RED are inactive