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💻 Testing with Markus

is important
gives you an idea of your code
ideas for improvements
show where you may have unnesscary code

🗣️ “Not build functions around what we need and not what the function should do.”


//BAD function sum(a, b) {return 2}

Behaviour driven test frameworks (jasmine, jest, mocha, etc)

Assert functions - tests if a case is true or false

function assert(name, condition) { console.log(${name}: ${condition}) return condition }

  • name - what we are testing
  • condition - we are testing


	assert(‘Sum 1+1 should be true’, sum(1,1) === 2);
  • Nested functions in tests allow us to make tests more descriptive.

  • Most frameworks have built in functions that can be chained.


	expect(a).toBeANumber(); //matcher function 

beforeEach(() => {
  service = myService;

example of test framework (Jasmine):

describe("A suite is just a function", function() {
	var a;

	 it("and so is a spec", function() {
			a = true;

  • Describe block - describes test
  • It - States what it should do
  • Expect - actually tests the outcome - returns true or false

*** Watch out for the scope of values!! ***

Test frameworks should do the work for you and make development fun!

Code coverage (Instabul)

100% - every line of code is tested, but doesnt ensure there are no 🐛s

Shows coverage and takes you to lines that aren't covered by tests.

  • test needs to still be taken of, so the test case is indentified