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[{'crimetype': 'Man arrested', 'title': 'Man arrested, alleged robbery', 'url': ',_alleged_robbery.aspx', 'datetime': 1299052800.0, 'coords': '(None, None)', 'full_location': None},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Mobile phone offences', 'url': '', 'datetime': 1299483000.0, 'coords': '(None, None)', 'full_location': None},
{'crimetype': 'Bogus workmen', 'title': 'Bogus workmen, West Lothian', 'url': ',_west_lothian.aspx', 'datetime': 1299484800.0, 'coords': '(None, None)', 'full_location': None},
{'crimetype': 'Bogus caller', 'title': 'Bogus caller, East Lothian', 'url': ',_east_lothian.aspx', 'datetime': 1299571200.0, 'coords': '(None, None)', 'full_location': None},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Lothian Borders Police Statement', 'url': '', 'datetime': 1299571200.0, 'coords': '(None, None)', 'full_location': None},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Robbery Appeal,Edinburgh', 'url': ',edinburgh.aspx', 'datetime': 1299571200.0, 'coords': "{'lat': 55.954980900000002, 'lng': -3.1870650999999999}", 'full_location': 'Leith Street, Edinburgh'},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Best Bar None Awards', 'url': '', 'datetime': 1299571200.0, 'coords': '(None, None)', 'full_location': None},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Serious assault,Edinburgh', 'url': ',edinburgh.aspx', 'datetime': 1300961400.0, 'coords': '(None, None)', 'full_location': 'High\r Street, Edinburgh'},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Assault and robbery,Edinburgh', 'url': ',edinburgh.aspx', 'datetime': 1300961520.0, 'coords': "{'lat': 55.938383100000003, 'lng': -3.1973150000000001}", 'full_location': 'Warrender Park Road, Edinburgh'},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Man assaulted Leith', 'url': '', 'datetime': 1300961580.0, 'coords': '(None, None)', 'full_location': 'Walk, Edinburgh'},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Suspicious death,Merchiston', 'url': ',merchiston.aspx', 'datetime': 1300961640.0, 'coords': "{'lat': 55.934587299999997, 'lng': -3.2151694000000002}", 'full_location': 'Merchiston Crescent, Edinburgh'},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Robbery Appeal,Edinburgh', 'url': ',edinburgh-1.aspx', 'datetime': 1300961700.0, 'coords': "{'lat': 55.9707206, 'lng': -3.1798763000000001}", 'full_location': 'Bonnington Road, Edinburgh'},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Suspicious death update', 'url': '', 'datetime': 1300961760.0, 'coords': '(None, None)', 'full_location': 'Merchiston\r Crescent, Edinburgh'},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Man arrested,assault', 'url': ',assault.aspx', 'datetime': 1300961820.0, 'coords': "{'lat': 55.9597257, 'lng': -3.2140138}", 'full_location': 'Grange, Edinburgh'},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Vandalism,Midlothian', 'url': ',midlothian.aspx', 'datetime': 1300961880.0, 'coords': '(None, None)', 'full_location': None},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Robbery,Livingston', 'url': ',livingston.aspx', 'datetime': 1300961940.0, 'coords': '(None, None)', 'full_location': None},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Witness appeal', 'url': '', 'datetime': 1300962060.0, 'coords': '(None, None)', 'full_location': None},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Murder enquiry,Edinburgh', 'url': ',edinburgh.aspx', 'datetime': 1300962120.0, 'coords': "{'lat': 55.934587299999997, 'lng': -3.2151694000000002}", 'full_location': 'Merchiston Crescent, Edinburgh'},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Litter campaign,Livingston', 'url': ',livingston.aspx', 'datetime': 1300962180.0, 'coords': '(None, None)', 'full_location': None},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Man arrested,Edinburgh', 'url': ',edinburgh.aspx', 'datetime': 1300962240.0, 'coords': '(None, None)', 'full_location': None},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Drugs recovered', 'url': '', 'datetime': 1301556600.0, 'coords': '(None, None)', 'full_location': None},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Murder appeal', 'url': '', 'datetime': 1301554800.0, 'coords': '(None, None)', 'full_location': None},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Housebreaking,Edinburgh', 'url': ',edinburgh.aspx', 'datetime': 1301554800.0, 'coords': '(None, None)', 'full_location': None},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Witness appeal', 'url': '', 'datetime': 1301554800.0, 'coords': "{'lat': 55.960784200000013, 'lng': -3.2932410000000001}", 'full_location': 'Queensferry Road, Edinburgh'},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Appeal for information', 'url': '', 'datetime': 1301556840.0, 'coords': "{'lat': 55.9597257, 'lng': -3.2140138}", 'full_location': 'Grange, Edinburgh'},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Serious assault,Musselburgh', 'url': ',musselburgh.aspx', 'datetime': 1301557140.0, 'coords': '(None, None)', 'full_location': None},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Litter pick,West Lothian', 'url': ',west_lothian.aspx', 'datetime': 1301557320.0, 'coords': '(None, None)', 'full_location': None},
{'crimetype': 'Copper thefts', 'title': 'Copper thefts, arrests made', 'url': ',_arrests_made.aspx', 'datetime': 1301557440.0, 'coords': '(None, None)', 'full_location': 'Parsons Green, arrests made'},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Robbery appeal,West Lothian', 'url': ',west_lothian.aspx', 'datetime': 1301557560.0, 'coords': '(None, None)', 'full_location': 'Kirk Road, Edinburgh'},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Handbag snatch,Edinburgh', 'url': ',edinburgh.aspx', 'datetime': 1301557680.0, 'coords': "{'lat': 55.975412200000001, 'lng': -3.2554493}", 'full_location': 'Salvesen Gardens, Edinburgh'},
{'crimetype': None, 'title': 'Assault and robbery,man arrested', 'url': ',man_arrest.aspx', 'datetime': 1301574780.0, 'coords': '(None, None)', 'full_location': None},
{'crimetype': 'Man charged', 'title': 'Man charged, Lanark Road collision', 'url': ',_lanark_road_colli.aspx', 'datetime': 1301575020.0, 'coords': '(None, None)', 'full_location': 'Lanark Road, Lanark Road collision'}]