Travis rubies #18

merged 15 commits into from Apr 17, 2013

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team-umlaut member

Have travis test jruby and mri 2.0.0.

Eventually want to get tests passing for rbx, but there's a problem with VCR/Webmock.

team-umlaut member

status of this issue? complete? Needs to be merged? Can be closed without merging?

jrochkind and others added some commits Apr 16, 2013
@jrochkind jrochkind Make SessionStore a lot more reasonable.
Multiple SessionStores possible, although still one global
one for convenience and backwards compat.

API to reset SessionStore contents in testing.
@jrochkind jrochkind test for email export controller, strangely passing even though we're…
… having problems in reality
@jrochkind jrochkind need to explicitly include umlaut helper in mailer for helper method.…
… Fixes #19

Sorry, too hard to add test, we need to make our Request/Referent everything stuff easier to create in testing.
@scotdalton scotdalton Update for additional ruby testing on travis. b65a255
@scotdalton scotdalton Can't seem to get rbx to work with VCR/Webmock. Reverting changes. 42a7602
@scotdalton scotdalton Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/travis-rubies' into travis-rubies a4862c7
team-umlaut member

Haven't been able to get rbx to work. I'll merge and continue working on it later (assuming the tests are passing).

@scotdalton scotdalton merged commit 3aea479 into master Apr 17, 2013

1 check passed

Details default The Travis build passed
@scotdalton scotdalton deleted the travis-rubies branch Apr 17, 2013
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