Assorted bits and pieces of Team 1306's scouting system.
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Scouting by Team 1306


Copyright 2012 by Contributors

Licensed under the GPLv3.



exampledata.json is our test data file for all of the scripts. It contains data meant to test all of our scripting, though it is not a complete simulation of a tournament (such a simulation will be provided by either randomly generated or previous tournament data.) was created to download and parse the match schedules posted by FIRST at the beginning of a tournament. It takes in arguments of the schedule URL and a team number, and outputs a list of teams which do not share matches with the input team.

We plan to expand it to instead take a list of teams and output an array containing scouting teams and the teams for them to scout. was created to interface with Auto Multiple Choice and convert the CSV files exported by AMC to a JSON of data, sorted by teams. This JSON can then be run through a team's algorithms to find ideal alliance partners. takes the JSON that is produced by the aformentioned and runs it through a scoring algorithm, then sorts the results by the score according to the algorithm. It uses argparse to have flags with arguments, so -f specifies the input JSON file, -s specifies the shooting point weight, and -c specifies the climbing point weight. validates the data in the file used as an argument.