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Team 2485 Smart Dashboard Widgets

These can be used to add functionality and customize the look and feel of SmartDashboard.

Read more about how to use SmartDashboard here.


Widget Class
Air tank widget AirTankWidget
Small air tank widget AirTankWidgetS
Odin intake arm position widget ArmPot
Autonomous mode chooser AutoChooser
Axis camera image processor AxisCameraProcessor2
Background and logo connection indicator Background
Battery voltage indicator BatteryWidget
Odin frame image Bot
Better booleans CoolBool
Debug region indicator (hidden behind DS) DebugRegion
Odin Horns Spinner (enabled on boolean) OdinSpinner
Field position/distance FieldWidget
Logitech G13 G-key input sender G13Sender
Large text LargeText
Light mode switcher LightSwitcher
Robot data logger (saves logs to file) Logger
Nyan cats (static and data-driven) NyanCat, StaticNyanCat
Pandaboard connection indicator (happy panda) PandaboardIndicator
Potentiometer value, reset, and ready state indicator PotWidget
Guitar Hero X-plorer strummer axis sender StrummerSender
Toggle button (displays and sends a boolean) ToggleButton


The Smart Dashboard widget JARs are generated in extensions/ so that they can be easily tested by running SmartDashboard.jar using the default extension directory. Use SmartDashboardDebug.bat to quickly test the functionality of the built widgets.

The 64-bit OpenCV JNI and JavaCV libraries are included. Make sure to run SmartDashboard with a 64-bit version of Java.

JavaCV automatically copies the necessary javacpp dll's to the Windows %TEMP%\javacpp[timestamp] directory at runtime. This will slow down SmartDashboard and take up disk space. To avoid this, you can copy all the dll's inside lib\ffmpeg-2.1.1-windows-x86_64.jar, lib\javacv-windows-x86_64.jar, and lib\opencv-2.4.8-windows-x86_64.jar to the SmartDashboard installation directory alongside the SmartDashboard executable if SmartDashboard is installed, alongside this project's SmartDashboard.jar when developing, or somewhere in the path. To access the dll's inside the .jars, rename the .jar files to .zip to open them or use a utility like 7-Zip to open the .jars directly. Then delete or rename those .jars so that they aren't copied with the extension when building. Make sure you don't commit these changes!