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Getting Started with AutoLib

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Getting Started with AutoLib


  • Install pros to your computer( we suggest using the pros-cli
  • Download the most recent AutoLib release labeled
  • Create a pros directory with conductor: prosv5 conductor new-project path/to/example/directory
  • Change directory to path/to/example_directory cd path/to/example/directory
  • Fetch, and apply template
prosv5 conductor fetch ~/Downloads/
prosv5 conductor apply autolib
  • Now check to make sure that everything is installed correctly, run prosv5 conductor info-project and it should return:
Name      Version           Origin
--------  ----------------  -------------
autolib   0.9.0             local
kernel    3.1.6             pros-mainline
okapilib  4.0.0-beta8-odom  local

Note: If it returns okapilib <4.0.0, install feature/odometry, then download and apply it (like this)

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