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Mission Control

pipeline status coverage report

Web application

There are instructions for the web application in the README of the directory.

Web application

Web application testing and automation

Here the wikipage explains the structure of our test cases and automation using Jest.

Testing Web application

Balsamiq Interface Mockups

These are mockupsthat showcase the design an clickable protypes for the mission control software vision.

First Iteration Resource


Project Wiki


"The mission control will run on a laptop in the field and display data from the rocket - such as the current software state and the current location and altitude of the rocket. It will also need to let the rocket know when launch is imminent so the avionics can arm the parachute ejection charges. Mission control will also need a go/no go functionality. Integrating with the monte carlo rocket simulation and adding local current weather conditions (primarily wind), many simulated flights can determine probable landing locations- if these are within the defined bounds of the landing area, the flight can proceed. The mission control could suggest changing the launch rod angle into the wind to ensure the rocket remains in bounds, provided the horizontal velocityat apogee is not too high. A possible extension to the mission control would use the current wind profile and the monte-carlo simulation to determine an upwind trajectory for the rocket to follow to minimise it’s landing distance from the launch site."


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