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Traffic management system group project
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Traffic Simulation System index_zero_trafficsystem

Traffic management system group project by Team Index Zero Created by KCL students as a part of group project 2016

Packaging delivery artifact as .tar.gz

Execute ./gradlew clean javadoc assemble. You can get the build artifact in gui/build/distributions as .zip and .tar.gz file

Building and running

Prerequisites and Building you need to have JDK >= 1.8 prior to running and building, and JAVA_HOME environment variable set.

In order to build the software, just execute from the project root (here):

  • for Mac/linux: ./gradlew clean assemble
  • For windows machines: gradlew.bat clean assemble

It will compile, go through the tests (if any fail, will fail the build) and prepare distributions in relevant build folders of submodules. Alternatively, you can install gradle system-wide and use it.


In order to run the software with minimal hassle, just execute:

  • Mac/linux ./gradlew :gui:run
  • Windows: gradlew.bat :gui:run

The GUI part of software will be first built and then ran for you by gradle builder. At the time being, it automatically starts demonstration

Be sure to close the window to release gradle process.

Preparing data

The Simulator can use adopted version of Open Street Map files. This is the osmosis - OpenStreetMap management tool spell to produce an area usable for simulation:

osmosis --read-xml file=INPUT_LARGE_FILE.osm enableDateParsing=no
        --tf accept-ways highway=trunk,motorway,primary,secondary,tertiary,motorway_link,trunk_link,primary_link,secondary_link,tertiary_link
        --bounding-box bottom=48.867844 left=2.289727 top=48.879678 right=2.304442 completeWays=yes
        --write-xml OUTPUT_FILE.osm

One need to substitute geographical coordinates for bottom, left, top and right to get an appropriate box.

In order to get source files, one may download Planet.osm (which is huge) or get pre-made area files. Consult for exact details on obtaining map source files.

Developing with IntelliJ IDEA

In order to import project, from the IntelliJ IDEA start screen, select Import -> From existing model -> Choose Gradle and then choose our build.gradle top-level file:

  1. Start up IDEA
  2. If any project is open, click File -> Close project
  3. From IDEA New project screen, select Import project
  4. Select Traffic System project folder
  5. When asked what to do: Import project from external model -> Gradle
  6. Next screen: settings: tick Use auto-import, tick create dirs for empty content roots. Use gradle wrapper.
  7. Import all projects (tick all boxes)
  8. In IDEA (top-right): Unregistered VCS root detected -> Add root
  9. Try building it - in Gradle sidebar, invoke: gradlew.bat build in top level terminal.

Project structure

  1. simulator - actual simulator with all the logic embedded in there
  2. gui - graphical user interface capable of drawing the animated simulation, getting input either from the simulator directly via pipe, or from a file.


There are a couple of easy things in use for testing, namely:

  1. JUnit - 'default' test runner for java. Basically, you create a class in Test source root (src/test/java), make up a method which is going to be the test and annotate it with @Test annotation.
  2. Mockito - mock framework. When we have no dependency ready, or when we want to test dependency in isolation, it comes handy. nice tutorial
  3. Fest-assert - fluent assertion library. one minute starting guide. It saves time on tests.

Obviously we not need use 2) and 3), but they come handy as we get into the longer run.

Created by KCL students as part of a group project


  1. Icons taken from open-iconic icon set (, MIT license.
  2. Open Street Map excellent wiki resource on how to load the XML data file, and how to work with it to obtian specific features and bounding box
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