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Initializing Bit
Getting Started

Initializing Bit on a repository adds a virtual layer that allows you to track and manage pieces of code as components.

To start tracking components in one of your projects, run bit init in the project’s root directory.

cd project-root
bit init

Initializing Bit adds several resources to your project, including Bit's main configuration file bit.json, Bit's local Scope and an internal component mapping file called .bitmap.

Recreates Bit resources in case of corrupted data

If an error caused a corrupted data in your workspace files, and you need to recreate them, add the --reset flag to the init command.

bit init --reset

The contents of a workspace with a Bit Scope

Bit local Scope

Bit's local Scope is used as an internal store for Bit objects (components, bit tags, etc).
The local Scope is nested within a directory called .bit. If you use Git, Bit will create its local Scope under the .git directory. This makes Bit work seamlessly with Git and ensures that Git does not track the local Scope's contents. If you don't want Bit to nest the local Scope within the .git directory, use the --standalone flag when initializing Bit.

bit init --standalone


When you initialize Bit with the --standalone flag or if you are working with an SCM other than Git, ensure your SCM ignores the .bit directory, so its contents is not tracked for changes.


bit.json is Bit's main configuration file. Use it to configure default naming conventions, extensions, etc.

This file should be tracked and managed by your SCM, alongside your project.

Learn more about bit.json configurations here.


.bitmap is Bit's locations and paths file, it is used to map the paths of your tracked components and their dependent files.

Bit uses this file to import and update sourced components in the right paths in your repository, and to preserve locations for components added for further updates or changes.

Make sure that you track and manage .bitmap with your SCM in the root directory of the repository.