Merge multiple streams into one stream in sequence or parallel.
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Merge multiple streams into one stream in sequence or parallel.

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Install with npm

npm install merge2


const gulp = require('gulp')
const merge2 = require('merge2')
const concat = require('gulp-concat')
const minifyHtml = require('gulp-minify-html')
const ngtemplate = require('gulp-ngtemplate')

gulp.task('app-js', function () {
  return merge2(
        .pipe(minifyHtml({empty: true}))
          module: 'genTemplates',
          standalone: true
      ), gulp.src([
const stream = merge2([stream1, stream2], stream3, {end: false})
stream.add(stream4, stream5)
// equal to merge2([stream1, stream2], stream3)
const stream = merge2()
stream.add([stream1, stream2])
// merge order:
//   1. merge `stream1`;
//   2. merge `stream2` and `stream3` in parallel after `stream1` merged;
//   3. merge 'stream4' after `stream2` and `stream3` merged;
const stream = merge2(stream1, [stream2, stream3], stream4)

// merge order:
//   1. merge `stream5` and `stream6` in parallel after `stream4` merged;
//   2. merge 'stream7' after `stream5` and `stream6` merged;
stream.add([stream5, stream6], stream7)
// nest merge
// equal to merge2(stream1, stream2, stream6, stream3, [stream4, stream5]);
const streamA = merge2(stream1, stream2)
const streamB = merge2(stream3, [stream4, stream5])
const stream = merge2(streamA, streamB)


const merge2 = require('merge2')



merge2(stream1, stream2, ..., streamN)

merge2(stream1, stream2, ..., streamN, options)

merge2(stream1, [stream2, stream3, ...], streamN, options)

return a duplex stream (mergedStream). streams in array will be merged in parallel.


mergedStream.add(stream1, [stream2, stream3, ...], ...)

return the mergedStream.

mergedStream.on('queueDrain', function() {})

It will emit 'queueDrain' when all streams merged. If you set end === false in options, this event give you a notice that should add more streams to merge or end the mergedStream.


option Type: Readable or Duplex or Transform stream.


option Type: Object.

  • end - Boolean - if end === false then mergedStream will not be auto ended, you should end by yourself. Default: undefined

  • objectMode - Boolean . Default: true

objectMode and other options(highWaterMark, defaultEncoding ...) is same as Node.js Stream.


MIT © Teambition