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Ruby gem to access Teambox API

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teambox-ruby is a Ruby wrapper for Teambox ( ) API.

  • Wraps the API in a client object with resources

  • Inspired by the philosophy of KISS, minimal spaghetti

Check out the API docs at for more details on the Teambox API.

Getting Started

First, install the teambox-client gem:

gem install teambox-client

Now, run “irb -rubygems” and this snippet to get the list of activities:

require 'teambox-client'
client = => {:username => 'frank', :password => 'papapa'})
puts client.activities

By default, teambox-client will connect to the hosted service at; optionally you can:

client = => '', :auth => {:username => 'frank', :password => 'papapa'})


See the examples directory.

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