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@@ -7,19 +7,26 @@ Teambox workflow is project-centered; each project being visible only to people
Projects have a status wall, conversations, tasks, shared pages and file uploads. You can even post
to everywhere just using email.
-You can [try Teambox online][teambox] for free to see how it works. Teambox is open-source software, meaning you
-can also download it, change its code and host yourself.
+**This repository is for Teambox v3**. is running v4, which is a cloud-only service,
+[not available for download](
+If you would like to host your own instance of Teambox v4, [get in touch with us](
+You can [try Teambox online][teambox] for free to see how it works.
-[![Preview of Teambox][preview]][tour]
Project info
- Official website: <>
-- Code repository: <>
-- Community mailing list: <>
-- Open-source contributors: <>
-- License: [GNU Affero GPL 3][license]
+- v3: Code repository: <>
+- v3: License: [GNU Affero GPL 3][license]
+- v3: Open-source contributors: <>
+- v4: Try it online at <>
+- v4: If you need to host your own server, [get in touch with us](
@@ -29,7 +36,6 @@ installing Teambox.
Thanks to the many Ruby projects we're using and the Famfamfam icon collection.

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