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@@ -42,24 +42,21 @@ Capybara is built into cucumber-rails 0.2. In your Rails app, just run:
And everything should be set up and ready to go.
If you want to use Capybara with Cucumber outside Rails (for example with Merb
-or Sinatra), you'll need require capybara and set the Rack app manually:
+or Sinatra), you'll need to require Capybara and set the Rack app manually:
require 'capybara/cucumber' = MyRackApp
Now you can use it in your steps:
When /I sign in/ do
- within("//form[@id='session']") do
+ within("#session") do
fill_in 'Login', :with => ''
fill_in 'Password', :with => 'password'
click_link 'Sign in'
-Please note that while Capybara uses XPath selectors by default, Cucumber explicitly
-changes this to CSS in `env.rb`. See "XPath and CSS" below.
== Default and current driver
You can set up a default driver for your features. For example if you'd prefer
@@ -364,20 +361,17 @@ For ultimate control, you can instantiate and use a session manually.
== XPath and CSS
Capybara does not try to guess what kind of selector you are going to give it,
-if you want to use CSS with your 'within' declarations for example, you'll need
+if you want to use XPath with your 'within' declarations for example, you'll need
to do:
- within(:css, 'ul li') { ... }
- find(:css, 'ul li').text
- locate(:css, 'input#name').value
+ within(:xpath, '//ul/li') { ... }
+ find(:xpath, '//ul/li').text
+ locate(:xpath, '//li[contains(.//a[@href = "#"]/text(), "foo")]').value
-Alternatively you can set the default selector to CSS, which may help if you are
-moving from Webrat and used CSS a lot, or simply generally prefer CSS:
+Alternatively you can set the default selector to XPath:
- Capybara.default_selector = :css
- within('ul li') { ... }
- find('ul li').text
- locate('input#name').value
+ Capybara.default_selector = :xpath
+ find('//ul/li').text
== Beware the XPath // trap
@@ -401,23 +395,14 @@ The same thing goes for within:
== Gotchas:
-* Domain names (including subdomains) don't work under rack-test. Since it's a
- pain to set up subdomains for the other drivers anyway, you should consider an
- alternate solution. You might use
- {default_url_options}[] in Rails
- for example.
-* Access to session, request and response from the test is not possible. Maybe
- we'll do response headers at some point in the future, but the others really
- shouldn't be touched in an integration test anyway.
+* Access to session and request is not possible from the test, Access to
+ response is limited. Some drivers allow access to response headers and HTTP
+ status code, but this kind of functionality is not provided by some drivers,
+ such as Selenium.
* Access to Rails specific stuff (such as <tt>controller</tt>) is unavailable,
since we're not using Rails' integration testing.
-* <tt><a href="#"></tt> Will cause problems under rack-test, please do
- <tt><a href="/same/url#"></tt> instead. You can achieve this in Rails with
- <tt>link_to('foo', :anchor => '')</tt>
== License:
(The MIT License)

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