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Remove documentation about `match` option

The documentation isn't correct anymore, since matching on symbols
like this is no longer allowed. `match` is such an obscure option
that it does not need to be mentioned in the README anyway.
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@@ -784,25 +784,6 @@ find(:row, 3)
find(:flash_type, :notice)
-You can specify an optional match option which will automatically use the
-selector if it matches the argument:
-Capybara.add_selector(:id) do
- xpath { |id| XPath.descendant[XPath.attr(:id) == id.to_s] }
- match { |value| value.is_a?(Symbol) }
-Now use it like this:
-This :id selector is already built into Capybara by default, so you don't
-need to add it yourself.
## Beware the XPath // trap
In XPath the expression // means something very specific, and it might not be what
@@ -887,7 +868,6 @@ additional info about how the underlying driver can be configured.
To set up a development environment, simply do:
-git submodule update --init
bundle install
bundle exec rake # run the test suite

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