My Railo Extension provider including CFPOI (<cfspreadsheet>)
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NOTE: If you are looking for the Lucee version of this extension, please visit the following Repo:

This repo is no longer maintained

<cfspreadsheet> for Railo

This is a fork of what used to be at (no longer active) for Railo so a massive thank you must go out to Matt Woodward ( / @mpwoodward) as he has done all the hard work for this project I am just forking it to make it workable with Railo as an extension.

At the moment this should be considered alpha/beta as it needs some full testing to be done. It is currently working for my limited needs but it requires feedback before being considered as stable.


The installation process is in a bit of disrepair, but here are the options:

Latest Version Installation

Automatic Installation - ZIP Upload via Railo Admin GUI

Normally, you'd be able to install via the Web administrator, by uploading a ZIP; however, this doesn't work at present, as there seems to be a problem with this plugin's ZIP and/or with Railo.

Manual Installation

The zip contains nested zips, so the installation procedure is best explained as this executable (Linux) script. (This also makes a decent Vagrant provisioning step, if you're into that sort of thing.)

# set serverPath to your railo web folder
serverPath=/path/to/your/web/root/WEB-INF/railo # USE YOUR OWN PATH!

# remove temp dir if this is not the first run
rm -rf /tmp/cfspreadsheet
# create temp dir
mkdir -p /tmp/cfspreadsheet
# download the zip (change to if pull request is accepted)
cd /tmp/cfspreadsheet && curl -C - -O
# unzip the installer
unzip -o
# unzip the, which, itself, contains another, so let's jump through a couple hoops
mv && unzip -o && rm

# install the extension by extracting some zips into the proper locations
unzip -o -d ${serverPath}/components/org/
unzip -o -d ${serverPath}/library/function
unzip -o -d ${serverPath}/library/tag
unzip -o -d ${serverPath}/lib

# restart railo to activate extension.
# you may need to restart your servlet container instead, depending on your railo installation
sudo service railo_ctl restart

Semi-Automatic "Spoofed Provider" Installation via Railo Admin GUI

In this method, you will create your own temporary extension provider:

  1. Download
  2. Extract it as /path/to/your/wwwroot/RailoExtensionProvider (if it has ExtensionProvider.cfc directly under that directory, you've extracted properly)
  3. Add a file /path/to/your/wwwroot/RailoExtensionProvider/Application.cfc with the contents
    component {}
  4. Railo Web Admin > Extensions > Providers: Add: http://<your_local_site_host>/RailoExtensionProvider/ExtensionProvider.cfc
  5. Railo Web Admin > Extensions > Applications: Click on "<cfspreadhsheet/> tag &a... Free" (sic)
  6. Click "Install" Button
  7. Restart Railo or Tomcat (depending on installation type)

Outdated Version Installation

(Outdated) Automatic Installation via Railo Admin GUI

This provider URL is no longer maintained, and will supply an outdated version of <cfspreadsheet>:

log in to your Web Administrator and add to your Providers (under Extension) Then go to Applications (still under Extension) and install "CFPOI, a wrapper for the Apache POI Project." Once done you will need to restart your Railo server. With your server restarted you should be able to use the cfspreadsheet functions and tags.

All the code os open source so to have a look around or log issues please check out the following links: Source: Report issues: