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Deeson handbook

Deeson is a digital agency that specialises in designing and building transformative websites. You can read more about us at

This is our internal processes and best practices, open to the world and accessible at

Editing the handbook

If you'd like to contribute to the handbook, its in a git repository so go ahead and make a pull request. Deeson employees can edit files directly in GitHub (find the page and click edit) or by using

Building the handbook

There is no need to do this if you just want to edit the documentation.

This is if you want to do work locally and see the results before committing them, its useful if you are working on the theme or are just interested in how it all works.

This uses MkDocs to generate the documentation. Check that link for the full guide.

To run a local copy of the site you can do it through Docker. If it's installed then just run:

make docker-start

You should now see the project running on your local machine here

If you are making changes to the theme, you can rebuild the theme locally using docker:

make docker-build

Note that if you have ever built the theme locally outside of docker then you'll need to delete the deeson-theme/node_modules directory to redownload the node modules correctly for the Dockerised environment. This first build will be slow as everything is downloaded, but subsequent builds will be faster.