Red iGone - a simple red eye reduction tool.
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Red iGone

About Red iGone

Red iGone is a tool for removing red eyes out of photos. The project started out as a web-app, but we then added both an iPhone and an iPad application. All of the source code is available here, as we've discontinued the project.

When we shut down Devify, we decided to open source the entire thing, instead of having it collect dust in some folder.

The entire project is released under GPLv3.

How to use and setup Red iGone

In order to use the code, you need to setup a web-server with the API. The instructions on how to do that can be found here.

The real magic behind the scene is performed by Gimp. We've written a custom python-script that bridges the API and Gimp.

About the source code

Thee source code includes everything required, including for the web-app, API, iPhone and the iPad app.

The components

  • api - The API
  • ipad - The iPad app
  • iphone - The iPhone app
  • webapp - The webapp



The ex-Devify team.