Custom Elements Storage
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a Custom Elements storage

License NPM Issues


Install Domy package using NPM registry:

npm install -g domy-cli


Sign up by using your username, password and email:

domy signup

Log in to the system from another computer or using another account:

domy login

Build the project by running Stencil compiler, Domy comes with the latest one:

domy compile

Publish all compiled components by submitting the whole directory:

domy publish --version 0.1.0

Execute the command in the root (base) directory of your project
The version is optional. Non-versioned components will be sent to the master branch

It's possible to publish just one component by passing its class name

domy publish MyComponent --version 0.1.0

Install the component in another project using its class name:

domy install MyComponent --version 0.1.0

Installed components will be tracked in package.json webcomponents compartment

To install all components listed in package.json webcomponents compartment, drop the class name:

domy install

Components are installed in the node_modules/@ directory and could be reused in another Stencil application:

// master is a non-versioned release
import "@/MyComponent/master" // or

// 0.1.0 is a versioned release
import "@/MyComponent/0.1.0"

Remove a component from the registry (unpublish it):

domy remove MyComponent --purge