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Neo4j Spatial Geoserver Plugin

Tested with: GeoServer 2.1.1


mvn clean install

Deployment into Geoserver

  • unzip the target/ into $GEOSERVER_HOME/webapps/geoserver/WEB-INF/lib

  • restart geoserver

  • configure a new workspace

  • configure a new datasource neo4j in your workspace. Point the "The directory path of the Neo4j database:" parameter to the relative (form the GeoServer working dir) or aboslute path to a Neo4j Spatial database with layers (see Neo4j Spatial)

  • in Layers, do "Add new resource" and choose your Neo4j datastore to see the exisitng Neo4j Spatial layers and add them.

Testing in GeoServer trunk

  • check out the geoserver source

svn co geoserver-trunk
  • build the source

cd geoserver-trunk
mvn clean install
cd src/web/app
mvn jetty:run
  • start the GeoServer webapp again with the added neo4j profile

cd $GEOSERVER_SRC/src/web/app
mvn jetty:run -Pneo4j