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* remove loading condition on the table for some operations

* Add Loading Spinner to Remind Button

* Loading Spinner for Permanently Delete button in Recycle Bin table

* Loading Spinner for Copy Other Session button in edit form

* Fix button alignment in recycle-bin table

* Edit styling

* Fix lint checkstyle error

* Edit affected snapshots

* Edit indentations in snapshots

* Resolve comments on boolean type and spaces

* update number type

* Reuse component ajax-loading instead of new spinner

* edit snapshots

* edit snapshot

* edit snapshot

* remove black lines

* add trailing spaces

* Update type casing

Co-authored-by: Ahmed Bahajjaj <>


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TEAMMATES Developer Web Site

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TEAMMATES is a free online tool for managing peer evaluations and other feedback paths of your students. It is provided as a cloud-based service for educators/students and is currently used by hundreds of universities across the world.

This is the developer web site for TEAMMATES. Click here to go to the TEAMMATES product website.

Documentation for Developers 📖 | Version History | Project Stats

Interested to join TEAMMATES developer team?

We welcome contributions from developers, especially students. Here are some resources:

  • Contributor Orientation Guide: This document describes what you need to know/do to become a contributor.
  • Project ideas page: These are for those who would like to do a relatively bigger projects with TEAMMATES (e.g. summer internships).


TEAMMATES team wishes to thank the following invaluable contributions:

Contacting us

The best way to contact us is to post a message in our issue tracker. Our issue tracker doubles as a discussion forum. You can use it for things like asking questions about the project or requesting technical help.

Alternatively (less preferred), you can email us at