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A coding challenge for developer candidates
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NIST Backend Coding Challenge


Please build the backend of an URL shortener service (just like or Use Java or Kotlin and Spring / Spring Boot.


  • Implement a REST interface to manage URLs. A user has to be able to create / read / update / delete URLs with that REST interface.
  • New URLs should automatically get a code assigned. This code should not be sequential.
  • There should be a HTTP GET endpoint that takes the code as part of the requested path (like http://localhost:8080/code). A browser that requests such a path should be redirected to the URL assigned to that code.
  • The data has to be persisted in a database (SQL or NoSQL)


  • You can use libraries and frameworks as you see fit.
  • Commit all changes to a Github repository and follow good commit message practice. The Github repository can be private, if you don't want to publish your solution. In that case please invite the user Thomas-Werner-NIST to that repository.
  • Don't spend more than 4 hours. The goal is to show how you work, not to deliver production-ready code.
  • Focus on good application structure, not a working but hacky solution.
  • Add tests for a part of the application that you think needs tests most.
  • Make sure there's a README with instructions on how to get started.
  • When you're done, send us a link to the Git repo.

Best of luck!

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