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@@ -181,7 +181,7 @@ end
* `:js_errors` (Boolean) - When false, Javascript errors do not get re-raised in Ruby.
* `:window_size` (Array) - The dimensions of the browser window in which to test, expressed
as a 2-element array, e.g. [1024, 768]. Default: [1024, 768]
-* `:phantomjs_options` (Array) - Additional [command line options](
+* `:phantomjs_options` (Array) - Additional [command line options](
to be passed to PhantomJS, e.g. `['--load-images=no', '--ignore-ssl-errors=yes']`
* `:port` (Fixnum) - The port which should be used to communicate
with the PhantomJS process. Default: 44678.
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