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Notes for troubleshooting section relating to PhantomJS crashes (#44)
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which explains the tools that Capybara provides for dealing with this.
+### PhantomJS crashes under OS X
+Some users have reported problems that manifest themselves as PhantomJS crashes when using Poltergeist under OS X (see [issue #44]( It has been observed that many of these crashes are caused by CSS `@font-face` declarations that cause PhantomJS to request TTF files.
+To alleviate this, configure your application to deny access to TTF files to PhantomJS under OS X. Under Rails, you might try using the `rack-contrib` gem, by adding to your `:test` group in your `Gemfile`:
+``` ruby
+group :test do
+ # used for Rack::SimpleEndpoint in test environment for
+ # PhantomJS crash workaround
+ gem 'rack-contrib'
+And an initializer such as:
+``` ruby
+if Rails.env.test?
+ require 'rack/contrib/simple_endpoint'
+ Rails.application.config.middleware.insert_after Rack::Runtime, Rack::SimpleEndpoint, /\.ttf$/ do |req, res|
+ ua = req.env['HTTP_USER_AGENT']
+ if ua =~ /Intel Mac OS X.*PhantomJS/
+ res.status = 403
+ "Denying #{req.fullpath} to #{ua}"
+ else
+ :pass
+ end
+ end
### General troubleshooting hints ###
* Configure Poltergeist with `:debug` turned on so you can see its

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