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Random port connection, makes really hard for testing with VCR, should this be expose in config? #111

ygt-mb opened this Issue · 1 comment

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If possible I ask to expose to config a port setup on which poltergeist connects to phantomjs.

The problem:

In class Server in initialize we do:

@port    = Util.find_available_port

This will create a server on random port and vcr will catch this as unspecified connection, fer ex.

 An HTTP request has been made that VCR does not know how to handle:

This makes really hard to test api called via java script using vcr as I can't specify a rule to remove this request (I don't want to skip all localhost requests)

Also specifying in options address and port does not help.

 --proxy=address:port specifies the proxy server to use (e.g. --proxy=

If there is a quick workaround please advise.

Many Thanks.



Yeah, we should have a :port configuration value, set it to some default value, and get rid of the random port thing.

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