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Unable to quiet js console.log #94

lucassus opened this Issue · 15 comments

Currently there is no option to quiet javascript console.log calls. Sometimes it leads to pretty noisy tests output:

..........................................................................MOCK GET:

It would be great if there were a tag (in RSpec, for example) we could use to silence console.log output for tests that are expected to generate output. For example, if I'm testing that a particular AJAX call results in a 4xx error, then I don't want to see that error from console.log in the test output every time (though I might want to see the output if the test fails).

What if there were a runtime option like :js_silent (and corresponding RSpec tag) that would suppress console.log as long as the test passes? I can implement it if the idea seems sound.


+1, it sounds good










I don't know much about the internals of Poltergeist or PhantomJS, but a possible implementation would be injecting some JavaScript like this:

(function () {
  var emptyFunction = function () {};

  // List from
  window.console = {
    log: emptyFunction,
    debug: emptyFunction,
    info: emptyFunction,
    warn: emptyFunction,
    error: emptyFunction,
    assert: emptyFunction,
    dir: emptyFunction,
    dirxml: emptyFunction,
    trace: emptyFunction,
    group: emptyFunction,
    groupCollapsed: emptyFunction,
    groupEnd: emptyFunction,
    time: emptyFunction,
    timeEnd: emptyFunction,
    profile: emptyFunction,
    profileEnd: emptyFunction,
    count: emptyFunction

Because JavaScript functions are variadic, emptyFunction will just ignore whatever's passed in.

This works in a pinch now if you're being affected by this issue.




Another solution would be to allow you to set the IO object it was written to. You could output to a log or capture it to test it's contents.


building off of @tjsingleton suggestion: #230


+1 (Also, thanks for poltergeist! :smile:)


Closing this because of merged #230 and phantomjs_logger option.

@route route closed this
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