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Font files available from PolyGit Fonts
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PolyGit Fonts

This project contains font files provided by PolyGit which are suitable for use on websites as well as on hardware devices. This repository also contains other important information about the corresponding licenses provided by the font manufacturer.

Found a bug or want to improve something?

If you experience problems using a font file, or if you have a request for the future development of a font project, please create a new issue.

Deployment licenses

It is important that you always read the license for each font you use. Each font contains the corresponding license file. Furthermore, the font files themselves also contain manufacturer and license information in the form of metadata.

Most fonts in this collection use the SIL Open Font License (v1.1), the Apache 2 License or the Ubuntu Font License v1.0 for Ubuntu fonts.

The SIL Open Font License allows copyright holders to specify a reserved font name requirement, and this option is used for some of the fonts. If you change these fonts, please pay attention to this important detail.


A complete list of public contributors is available here and a complete list of public authors can be found here.

Enjoy this font library

Stefan Kühnel - PolyGit Fonts (23-04-2019)

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