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Pokr - Politics in Korea

Pull requests are always welcome.


  1. Install dependencies

    • Ubuntu

        $ sudo apt-get install nodejs postgresql-9.3 npm python-psycopg2 node-less
        $ sudo npm install -g uglify-js
        $ sudo pip install -r requirements.txt
        $ sudo pip install git+https://github.com/teampopong/popong-nlp.git
        $ sudo make install
    • Mac OS X

        $ brew install node postgresql
        $ npm install less uglify-js -g
        $ pip install -r requirements.txt
        $ pip install psycopg2
        $ make install
  2. Create & modify configuration files

     $ make init
     $ createuser postgres
    • Set password for user "postgres" in PostgreSQL

        ALTER USER "postgres" WITH PASSWORD 'new_password';
    • Modify alembic.ini

      • ID_HERE: postgres id (ex: postgres)
      • PASSWD_HERE: postgres pw
      • HOST_HERE: postgres host (ex: localhost)
  3. Create & init DB (You should first obtain a pokrdb.dump from here)

     $ sudo -u postgres psql -h localhost -U postgres -c 'CREATE DATABASE pokrdb;'
     $ sudo -u postgres psql -d pokrdb -f pokrdb.dump
     $ ./shell.py db init
     $ alembic stamp head

Run Server

$ ./run.py [-d] [-l LOCALE] [--port PORT]

Update Data

  1. Bills

     $ ./shell.py bill update "some/where/*.json" # from files
     $ ./shell.py bill update --source redis  # from Redis queue
     $ ./shell.py bill update --source db  # existing bills of the current session
  2. Bill Keywords

     $ ./shell.py bill_keyword update "some/where/*.txt"
  3. Candidacies

     $ ./shell.py candidacy update "some/where/*.json"
  4. People

     $ ./shell.py person update "some/where/*.json"

    when the json is in this form.


Apache v2.0