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Inlets helm chart
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Inlets Helm Chart

Inlets combines a reverse proxy and websocket tunnels to expose your internal and development endpoints to the public Internet via an exit-node made by Alex Ellis

Install inlets

# Install to /usr/local/bin/
curl -sLS | sudo sh

Check more info at inlets repository

Sample values.yaml for deployment without SSL

inlets_token: "changeme"


Sample values.yaml for deployment with SSL

inlets_token: "changeme"

  tls: true
  annotations: "true" myissuer

Render template without tiller

git clone
mkdir manifests
helm template --values values.yaml --output-dir ./manifests --name demo ./inlets_helm
kubectl apply -f manifests/inlets/templates/

Testing inlets

Start local service:

docker run -p 3000:80 kennethreitz/httpbin

Start inlets client:

inlets client --remote=wss://  --upstream= --token="changeme"

Check inlets works:

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