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What is TeamSnap all about?

What sport are you passionate about? Do you like classic sports like football, basketball or hockey? Or maybe you fancy some really special sports such as underwater basket weaving, wife carrying or unicycle badminton. Well, no matter what sport gets you excited, TeamSnap is the product that can help you master it because you will spend less time organizing and more time playing!

At TeamSnap, we really do value the ability to simplify organization and communication for both sport groups and non sport groups. The following pages will walk your through our API documentation so that you can gain programatic access into the various functions of TeamSnap so that you too can help folks spend more time playing!

About the Document

Let's talk a bit about the lay of the land in this document.

When you run across information that is in ALL_CAPS, you would substitute it with your information. For example, if the API documentation instructs you to GET /teams/TEAM_ID, you would substitute TEAM_ID with a team's numeric ID (GET /teams/1234).

API Endpoint

API request should be directed to the following URL: All requests are appended to that base URL. For example, if the API documentation tells you to GET /teams, you would GET


The API accepts input as JSON. When sending data to the API, be sure to set the Content-Type header to application/json.

The API also returns output in JSON. Make sure to set the Accept header to application/json. Alternately, you can provide a .json extension to the API endpoint (ie GET /v2/teams.json).

Times and Dates

All times and dates that are accepted by the API are in the ISO 8601 Format.

For example: 2014-01-15T12:18:12+00:00 is January 15, 2014 12:18 UTC

Response Codes

The most common response codes you will run across are 200 and 400. If you receive a successful call, then a HTTP response of 200 should be returned. If the call is unsuccessful, then an HTTP response of 400 will be returned. Other returned codes would be exceptional.

How the heck do you get through this document?

It's now time to introduce you to Coach Buzz of the West Nile Mosquitos. Coach Buzz will be your guide through the API documentation pages as he sets up an account and utilizes TeamSnap to manage his champion racquetball team. We hope you enjoy his company!


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