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Tensorflow with CV3 + Darkflow
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Tensorflow with CV3 + Darkflow

Build the Docker image locally

git clone
cd denseflow

CPU Version

docker build -t teamsoo/denseflow:cpu -f Dockerfile.cpu .

GPU Version

docker build -t teamsoo/denseflow:gpu -f Dockerfile.gpu .

This will build a Docker image named denseflow and tagged either cpu or gpu depending on the tag your specify. Also note that the appropriate Dockerfile.<architecture> has to be used.

Running the Docker image as a Container

Once we've built the image, we have all the frameworks we need installed in it. We can now spin up one or more containers using this image, and you should be ready to go deeper

CPU Version

docker run -it --name denseflow teamsoo/denseflow:cpu bash

GPU Version

nvidia-docker run -it --name denseflow teamsoo/denseflow:gpu bash

Note the use of nvidia-docker rather than just docker

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