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Simple echo line bot on Google Cloud Functions
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Line Bot on Cloud Funtions

Simple echo line bot on Google Cloud Functions


  • Replace <CHANNEL ACCESS TOKEN> in index.js with your token from the Line Channel settings page
  • Create GCP account and install gcloud cli
  • Enable Cloud Functions API in GCP Console
  • Repace <YOUR-GCP-PROJECT> in with your GCP Project ID
  • Replace <YOUR-GCS-BUCKET> in with your GCS Bucket


You can deploy by running or using the command below

gcloud beta functions deploy line-bot --project <YOUR-GCP-PROJECT> --stage-bucket <YOUR-GCS-BUCKET> --entry-point hook --trigger-http

Your bot will or may be available for Line Messaging API to access via


You can enter the above URL to Webhook URL in the Line Channel settings page


Google Cloud Functions is still in beta during this publish. Please use with caution.

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