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Customer Personal Data

Category of Data Subjects


Customer Employees, contractors and third-parties who the Customer has added as team members in Tito.


Individuals placing orders on their own behalf or on behalf of other individuals.


Individuals who are registered as attendees for any events that are hosted on Tito

Types of Personal Data

For Users, Tito stores names, emails, avatars, timezone preference, IP address, and time of access to the Tito service.

For Purchasers, by default, Tito offers the ability to collect Name, Email, Company, Phone Number, and Billing Address.

For Attendees, by default, Tito offers the ability to collect Name, Email, Company and Phone Number. In additional, the Customer may collect further information from attendees as specified in the Data Collection section of the Tito app.

Subject Matter and Purposes of Processing

For Users, Tito processes data to allow those users to log in and access the Tito app, to display information in their local timezone, to detect their timezone via their IP, and to send them transactional notifications around their event.

For Purchasers, Tito collects information to facilitate the generation of tax invoices, and to send transactional email about their order. Their email may also be used to send further information related to the event they have purchased tickets for.

For Attendees, Tito collects basic information to provide a minimal usable registration system for Users, but also allows Users to collect additional information about Attendees. This information is typically used to provide a more tailored experience for attendees, and to assist Users with market research.

Nature of Processing

For Users, data is stored in an application database to allow sign in to the Tito software. Data is additionally stored in Customer Relationship Management systems and used to assist in supporting Users and in improving the software experience based on their feedback.

For Purchasers, data is stored in the application database to facilitate access to any financial transactions and storing of invoices, without any further processing.

For Attendees, data is stored in the application database to facilitate the delivery to the Customer via web application UI, web application API, or via a webhook interface.