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A website to buy, sell, or rent privately owned parking spots, such as driveways.
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The average american spends approximately 6 minutes and 45 seconds to find a parking space. About 34 million parking tickets are handed out each year, all of which average about $104, leading to nearly $5 billion dollars in parking tickets across the country annually. How can we make parking more affordable, less time consuming and an overall easier experience for the average vehicle owner? A website to buy, sell, or rent privately owned parking spots, such as driveways. DrivewayShare.

How it works:

DrivewayShare connects users with vacant parking spots with users seeking parking spaces. Users are able to post vacant spots in addition to their respective price, which is all managed easily in our listing page. Alternatively, users can search for vacant parking spots by location to find a parking spot convenient for them. Once found, users may use our secure messaging system to contact other users directly. Viola! Your brand new and convenient parking space is yours!


Simply visit our website at and select the 'SignUp' tab. Fill out the details and your automatically directed to your home page or head over to the 'Search' tab to conduct a search of listings near a location of your choosing.

Create/View your listings:

Once signed into your new account, simply select the 'Listings' tab. To create a new listing, select the 'Create Listing' sub-tab and fill out the address nearest to the location of the vacant parking spot, the description (such as time, size, restrictions, etc) and the daily price of the spot. To view your current listings, select the 'Manage Listings' sub-tab. In this view, you can edit the address, the price, or the availability of the location. Furthermore, you may delete the listing altogether.

Future Features:

  • Facebook/Github Authentication
  • Mobile
  • More expansive user profiles
  • Add tools to map for better user experience
  • Implement a bid system

Github Pages:


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